Pre-Marital Counseling in Bergen County, NJ

Get Ahead of the Game.

You Don't Have to be Married to Benefit from Couples Therapy.

You might be wondering, Why would anyone who already knows they are going to get married even think about premarital counseling?  Marriage counseling is for couples who are having big problems, not for us! We're in love and so excited to make it official. We're each other's forever person!

Enter the birth of the coveted wedding planning industry.  Say Yes to the Dress, The Knot, Vera Wang, website building, and lose-10-pounds-and-have-gleaming-skin-before-the-big-day-retreats.

Conspicuously absent from the increasing "Must Do Before The Big Day List" is some sensible introspective exploring for both yourself and your partner.

Premarital counseling is for couples who ARE in love and are either thinking about or already have agreed to make one of the biggest commitments of their lives. 


We all know the sobering truth about marital longevity. 

What was once - and in some cultures still is - a forever partnership, has in modern day America turned into an endeavor that very often is not so forever after all.  We live in a time of abundance of choice and increased independence.  "We're so happy together" has now turned into "We could be happier."  "You're my forever one and only" is increasingly turning into "My one and only for right now." 

And so the looming high potential gloom of a still risky, over 50% possibility, of divorce.  A virtual coin toss after something that all participants walk into with absolute, and even publicly declared, contractually-signed, 100% certainty.  Not to mention the staggering price tag, in both financial and emotional currency, of a dream day.  

At Englewood Therapy Associates, we offer pre-marital counseling to couples who want to get a head start on bonding. Our approach is to have objective, fun, and exploratory conversations with each other that will lead to clarity, and togetherness.

We work across an expanse of cultural, religious, and sexual orientations, sensitive to the increasing blending of these identities.  Our role is to be open-minded while facilitating dialogue and bonding. We will never hold a moral compass that you will feel obligated to fulfill. 

It's your time, your life, and your love.  

"Most of us in the West are going to have at least 2-3 marriages or committed relationships during our lives  — and some of us will have it with the same person.

Whether you are monogamous, polygamous, gay, straight, or anything else, you will need to reinvent yourself and the relationship you live in over and over again.  No relationship lasts for a lifetime (unless we proactively seek to nurture it).

You can have the same relationship with a thousand people or you can have a thousand different relationships with a single person. It’s up to you to decide."

-Esther Perel