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Stress, overwhelm, and burnout affect us in so many ways. 

You're stuck.

It feels like you’re living the same day over and over in that movie Groundhog, work, sleep, repeat. You wake up every morning with the sense of “Ugh. Here we go again.” 

That pit in your stomach just won't go away. Your head hurts. You can't sleep through the night.

You’re easily annoyed, snapping at your loved ones, feeling taken advantage of because you’re taking care of everyone else but yourself. You check out by spending endless hours scrolling through Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram. 

The truth is, you don’t have to live like this.  With the right person in your corner, change is possible

Counseling Can Help.

Therapy can help you get back in touch with your original self.

Therapy gives us the clarity we’re lacking to get back in touch with who we were when everything seemed possible.

Whether it's coming to terms with the past, dealing with the present, or looking towards the future, therapy can give you the insight you need to change your life.

Let Us Listen.

Our clients are insightful, curious people who are motivated to leave their limiting beliefs behind and become happier and more fulfilled in the process. Together, we will work towards finding the optimism and energy that has been eluding you. You will feel more positive, energized, and clear about your goals and how to achieve them. No challenge will feel too big to tackle.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to stress and regain control of your life, then let’s get started on your path to wellness!




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Why should you choose to work with us?

  • We're doctoral-level psychologists and licensed mental health counselors with over 20 years of experience helping others reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, and improve their relationships and outlook
  • We don't have waitlists, so you can get started with therapy right away
  • We're open 7 days a week, and offer early morning and evening appointments
  • We offer both online counseling and in-person counseling, so you can get therapy the way that suits you
  • We are easy to access, right off of Route 4 in the heart of downtown Englewood, NJ
  • We are results-oriented, so you know from day one your life is getting back on track

If you’re ready to let go of the stress and embrace your authentic self, then let’s get started!

Meet Our Clinicians


Stephanie Blum

Virtual Mental Health Counselor, LPC



1. Leave a confidential voice message, email, or fill out the contact form below. We will reach out to schedule a free 15-minute consultation call to determine which of our therapists is the best fit for you.

2. Speak with and get to know your provider by phone or Zoom (whichever you prefer) during your free consultation and schedule your first appointment.

3. We will e-mail you a few brief forms to fill out via our encrypted system (Simple Practice). You'll have your first session and leave feeling lighter and more in control of life!