Individual Therapy in Bergen County, NJ

The Floor is Yours

Feeling unheard and alone?

Individual therapy is a collaboration between you and a licensed mental health professional who will help you uncover the reasons why you speak to yourself the way you do. Why your relationships are strained. Why all of the sudden, you're so overwhelmed.

You're not used to feeling this unwell. Yes, life has always had its ups and downs, but this...this is beyond that.

You're not sleeping at night, you're eating more or not eating at all, your shoulders feel heavy. Your friends and family may have mentioned that you're snapping more easily. Simple tasks take forever to complete.

And what feels worse is that you don't want to be a burden, so you hold it all in.

Now you feel alone and aimless.


That loneliness and lack of direction can make feelings of sadness, anxiety, and overwhelm feel even stronger.

But you don't have to experience this on your own. In fact, our therapists are available now to help you start to change the way you're feeling, often in dramatic and powerful ways.

But what if "it is what it is?"

We hear that all too often. When people try to navigate the world on their own, they run out of options. They lack perspective. They can't see how things could change and so they settle.

Sadness turns into defeat. Anxiety turns into panic. Overwhelm turns into inaction.


Individual therapy can be the solution.

Therapy is your birds-eye view to solutions.

If you're:

  • Stuck in a rut
  • Unhappy at work
  • Feeling sad or "down" more often than not
  • Fighting with your loved ones
  • Stressed and overwhelmed
  • People-pleasing
  • Frozen and unable to take action

Your therapist will ask the right questions and offer evidence-based solutions to guide you to see your life from a different point of view. They can lead you out of the emotional loop and into balance.

With the safety of knowing that what you say is confidential, you can give a voice to the feelings you keep hidden from everyone else.

Name it, and tame it. What we stop resisting, stops persisting.

It's your time to evolve.

At Englewood Therapy, our goal is to get you in touch with your true self, help you find clarity, and start feeling better quickly. We have decades of experience working with individuals such as yourself, who have learned to manage their anxiety, cope with their depression, and make life-changing decisions that have altered their course for the better.

The end result?

  • Transformation
  • Health
  • Motivation
  • Skills
  • Peace

We know that right now things seem dark, but give us some time and your outlook will change.

We can help you attain feelings of calm, of accomplishment so you can gain momentum and greet each day with renewed confidence and optimism. 

You've tried it on your own. You're ready for help. Let's do this.

Reach out below. Let’s get started today.