Family Therapy in Bergen County, NJ

Come one, come all.

"Family is supposed to be our safe place. Very often, it's the place where we find the deepest heartache."

In life, we have choices. We choose our friends, we choose where we want to work, what we want to do. We don't get to choose our family.

Families, big or small, extended or nuclear, present with unique dynamics and challenges. So many personalities to navigate, so many opinions, so many voices.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves at a crossroads with our parents, siblings, cousins, in-laws. Resentment over micro-aggressions build up and we start to feel defensive, removed. We get anxious before family gatherings. We bicker and argue over political differences. We have generational trauma we don't address.

And the worse part is that everyone can't seem to get on the same page. 

It's exhausting and there's no end in sight.


You need somebody neutral.

You need an outside perspective.


Family therapy can help.

Over the years, you've developed patterns of communication that don't serve you. Those patterns have turned into a maze of statements, positions, standstills. Picture your therapist as if they were standing above your maze. They can see where you're stuck. They can provide a pathway out of the conflict.

Therapy is where everyone's voice is heard. No sides taken. No alliances. Just neutrality and perspective.

It's time to heal.

All families experience conflict. You just need a safe space in which to work it out. You need a game plan, and a guide.

Our providers at Englewood Therapy can help.

How will your family benefit?

  • You'll uncover the unconscious messages and meanings behind your family's behaviors
  • You'll learn to establish and maintain healthy boundaries
  • You'll learn how to communicate your feelings effectively, without sidetracking or shrinking
  • You'll develop deeper empathy for each other's viewpoints
  • You'll learn to work together, not against each other

We know that it takes tremendous commitment and buy-in to initiate family therapy and we commend you for looking into it. Practice makes permanent, so let's get started on developing healthier bonds between you and your family today. Reach out below for a free 15 minute consultation and let’s get started.