Couples Therapy in Bergen County, NJ

Process Life, Together

Has the fire burned out?

You're in love, but if we're being honest you don't really like your partner lately. You're not seeing eye to eye. What you used to find endearing now grates on your nerves. You can't communicate without arguing. One of you always ends up sleeping on the couch.

You find yourself thinking of your relationship in the following terms:

"The honeymoon phase is over."

"We used to have so much fun."

"They know how I am. Why do they keep pushing my buttons?"

You want to get closer to your partner but you can't stop bickering.

It's time to do some work.


When we're insecure in our relationship, we can feel trapped. And that sense of feeling trapped can lead to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. You find yourself wanting more time alone, dreaming of getting away.

The truth is, most couples experience conflict. In fact, couples counseling is our second most popular request. You are not alone.

Navigating a partnership requires patience and hard work.

Trying to fix your relationship on your own can be an exercise in futility.

  • You read the self-help books.
  • You watch the relationship Ted Talks.
  • You work on your breathing.
  • You give in when you really want to ask for more.

You still feel like roommates. You've learned to settle.


Couples therapy can be the solution.

If you are going through any of the below, our providers at Englewood Therapy can help:

  • Difficulty communicating
  • Arguing over finances
  • Mismatched parenting styles
  • Trust issues
  • Difficulty getting along with your partner's family
  • Separation or planning to divorce

"It's never you versus your partner. It's you and your partner versus the problem."

Our goal is to help each of you really hear the other, really learn what matters to one another.

Throughout our time together, you'll learn more about yourselves as individuals and how your attachment styles can complement each other to lead to a healthy dynamic. You'll learn to break the patterns that keep you stuck.

The end result?

  • Healthier communication, healthier arguments (yes, arguments can be healthy)
  • The ability to identify and steer clear of each other's triggers to avoid future conflict
  • The ability to collaborate, not clash
  • Growing closer and reestablishing the bond that brought you together

We know that coming together to work on a partnership is a big deal.

So if you’ve read your last self-help book, watched your last Ted Talk, slept on the couch one too many nights, reach out below for a free 15 minute consultation and let’s get started.