Relationship Counseling in Bergen County, NJ

Get Ahead of the Game.

Relationships need tune-ups, too.

If you can relate to any (or all) of the following, let's talk:

  • Little problems have turned into big problems
  • Things you used to find cute are now annoying and overwhelming
  • You feel like you're doing everything alone
  • You're bickering and snapping at each other more often
  • Sex is stale and boring
  • Life is monotonous
  • You don't really talk much anymore
  • You love your partner but you don't like them
  • You feel unseen and misunderstood
  • You're wondering if your relationship is going to make it

We all know the sobering truth about long-term relationships...

It takes work to make it work.

We encourage honest disclosure, vulnerability, objectivity and bonding by using a number of therapeutic approaches in session. Healthy dialogue and conflict resolution are possible when you work with our Attachment-Based Family Therapy and Gottman trained therapists.

Our clinicians at Englewood Therapy Associates have been called the "most open-minded" therapists by clients and peers. We work with relationships of all backgrounds, identities, configurations and interests. It's your time, your life, and your don't have to follow anyone else's moral compass (much less ours!).

Let's get you back to happy, together.